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Brand development, promotion and protection

Brand Lifecycle

Your brand is what the public thinks of you and your company, and is your greatest commodity.  Ensuring that the brand is reflective of you and your business is of the utmost importance.  Let Jade help with your brand development, promotion and protection.

Supporting business communication

Communication Support

You don't speak just to say something; you speak so that others receive the message.  From Elevator Pitches to Business Communications and Presentation support, Jade helps you get the most of your communications goals by ensuring that your message impacts the audience.

Customer & B2B Strategies

Growth of a business rarely, if ever comes by accident.  It comes from understanding how to communicate your value, not just to customers but also to other businesses.  An effective growth strategy starts with planning and deliberate execution.  Call Jade Strategic Relations to help you develop your communications strategy.

About Us

Knowledge and experience

Knowledge & Experience

Helping businesses and people develop strong, effective brand and communication strategies by creating a base of solid content,  determining the best way to communicate it, and using proven methods of execution.  We are here to help you get the most out of your business through powerful strategies and tools.  Public Relations for businesses and people.

Building Great Reputations

How do you develop a great brand?  It starts with knowing your value to your customers; establishing your mission and your vision then living and breathing your values with each interaction with the public.  All of the great brands you can think of started by establishing their brand protocols and sticking to them.  Let Jade Strategic Relations help you develop your great brand.

Earned, Not Purchased

All the money in the world can't buy a good brand.  It can control the messaging, but it can all go to waste when the public gets to you, if you don't have a solid, effective product (you and your business).  Jade Strategic Relations helps you develop a good foundation for your brand to be built on and grow from.

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